It’s not about “Timing” the market, It’s about “Time In” the market

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You are intimately familiar with your financial objectives. We are steadfastly dedicated to helping you design strategies to help you reach those objectives. Together, we are robustly capable of working with the challenges you face in making progress toward your life vision. As your partner, we offer customized solutions and objective advice, and our consultative approach is personalized to your goals.

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answering the why
Answering the Why

Our approach is to get to know each person. What are your goals? What are your fears? Then we help you answer the “why” question. If you know “why” we are developing your financial plan together and “why” we are making investments to help achieve your objectives, then we feel you are better prepared to handle anything that is happening.



We specialize in helping you understand risk and what risk means for you and your portfolio. To achieve this, we use a tool called “Riskalyze,” a two-step system that starts with a “Risk Tolerance Questionnaire,” a series of questions that measures your comfort level with risk and scores it as a number. Secondly, your current and prospective portfolio is scored in terms of risk and potential for gain or loss over the next six months both as a percentage as well as in actual dollar amounts.



Focused on making the complex simple, TDC Financial helps you understand the financial planning process. Our team has developed and refined a process to help successful people and entrepreneurs put all the pieces of the financial puzzle together. It’s a dynamic process that adapts and changes as their lives unfold and their needs evolve – we call it our D3 System.



At our DISCOVER meetings, we get to know you, your goals and why they’re important.



We then DESIGN a plan designed to get you to your goals safely and on time.



Once you approve the plan, we then DEPLOY all the steps needed to put things in motion.

Don't Be Afraid to Say Yes

Raising Investing Smart Kids

Do you want your children to learn how to manage money and get them interested in investing for their future? Here at TDC Financial we introduce the basic principles of everyday money management. Everything from the 3 jar concept, keeping track of spending, investing 101 and more.

If you’re interested please call to make an appointment.

TDC Financial salutes our troops for all you do keeping us safe here in the land of the free

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